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update: summer!

tonight is the wedding of two wonderful friends. i’m so excited to celebrate and share this moment with them!

i will be taking a posting break for the next week because i will be in puerto rico. we still haven’t decided what our major excursion will be, and it’s really difficult to decide. everything sounds so awesome! bio bay, observatory, rainforest. hopefully i will be able to post some pictures to my twitter account.

happy summer everyone! see you when i get back from vacation.

i love charts: the book

hello, friends! do you love charts? i do! i love charts: the book is now available for pre-order over at amazon.

there are two stephemera charts in the book and many more from talented artists and just plain clever people. my favorite one in the preview pages is the valentine’s day chart in the foreword. it’s just so simple and hilarious.
i hope everyone is doing well! i will resume my regular posting schedule this week. xoxo, stephemera