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259: keep on keepin’ on

254: x’s and o’s

231: just my type

i also have this in a valentine’s day edition. :)

190: 90’s mash-up

to be accurate, more of an 80/90s mash-up, but you get the idea.

hold on. straight-up now tell me, am i forever your girl? or is this just another sad love song? baby, baby, baby. damn, i wish was your lover ’cause every heartbeat bears your name. let me take you on an escapade.

189: the big tebowski

whoa, double post today!

it’s fantasy football time, folks. at the beginning of its sophomore year, the big tebowski is looking good. this is my mascot.

161: santa monica pier

to kick off my next vacation, i’m posting a picture from my last vacation.

on the santa monica pier.

will post pictures this week while i’m out of town, and should be back in full swing next week. thanks everyone for your patience and continued support. :)

158: twpc finished

finished the train wreck pub crawl badges today. the back is a map of locations and stops. laminated to protect from beer spillage.

sorry for the crappy photos; they were taken on my phone.