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281: july

july 2011 was pretty awesome, but i have a feeling i can do better this year. to july!

272: june

hello, june!

this june is going to be a very exciting one. there’s lots to do. remember these wedding invitations? well, the date is here!

and summer vacation! i am heading to puerto rico for a week for a much-needed, very-welcomed vacation. i can’t wait for sight-seeing and tropical drinks.

a week after i get back, i will be participating in Friday Art Fest, an event held in conjunction with Gainesville’s Friday Art Walk. check out the facebook event here. and don’t forget to like my page here. i am very excited about this event and happy to show again at the venue. :)

246: march

i say this every month, but here goes: i can’t believe it’s already [insert month]. seriously, march is here! WOW! i am very excited and nervous about this month, but i can smell spring. (and feel summer some days… 85 degrees last week. hot.)

236: february

februarys are typically good months for me. there’s something fresh(er than a new year?) and brisk about february. maybe it’s the weather or the anticipation of spring, but i’ve always felt optimistic and eager in february. this one is no different.

february 2012 will be filled with delicious food, good music, lazy sundays. valentine’s day, roller derby, movie nights. i want to try at least three new beers, take more photographs, sleep in longer on the weekends. rest more, stress less, take deep breaths of cold air and huddle up until spring arrives.

225: january


happy new year, brazilian steakhouse, date nights, bridesmaid helping, baking, back to work, three-day weekend, cold weather, boots(!) ahhh, january. a new year, big steps, giant leaps, relishing in the last year and planning adventures for the next.