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292: today i feel magnets

sometimes things will rattle around in my head for a long time before i make them tangible. kind of like these magnets.

this is just a first round, but look how cute they are! these magnets are laminated so you can write on them with dry erase markers. a wipe with a damp cloth cleans these right up so they’re always ready for whatever the day brings. currently there are six hairstyles to choose from, and the color possibilities are endless. so much fun!

277: stir it up

275: euro 2012

okay, so the euro 2012 starts today, and in my house it’s a big deal. remember that vacation i am going on in just over a week? of course we are counting down to that, but i guess it’s not the only thing because yesterday i was bombarded with chants of “one more day!”

so for those followers who like charts, soccer/football, filling things out or all of the above, i give you “keeping track of the euro 2012,” a handy-dandy, fill-in-your-picks euro 2012 chart. use it in advance to fill in your picks and see how well you do, or just make note of the scores to keep track of all the games.

it prints snugly on letter-sized paper. print it here.

241: d. rose

this is for the oldest of my younger brothers. today is his birthday, and his favorite basketball team has been the chicago bulls since he learned how to smack talk.

236: february

februarys are typically good months for me. there’s something fresh(er than a new year?) and brisk about february. maybe it’s the weather or the anticipation of spring, but i’ve always felt optimistic and eager in february. this one is no different.

february 2012 will be filled with delicious food, good music, lazy sundays. valentine’s day, roller derby, movie nights. i want to try at least three new beers, take more photographs, sleep in longer on the weekends. rest more, stress less, take deep breaths of cold air and huddle up until spring arrives.

231: just my type

i also have this in a valentine’s day edition. :)