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242: we don’t need batman

okay, technically i didn’t make this today, but i couldn’t share it before…

a few weeks ago, i was with my brother watching arsenal crush blackburn 7-1 when the camera panned to a sign in the stands that read the above. in addition to being beautifully clever, the sign was so appropriate. Robin van Persie (arsenal captain) scored three (hat trick!) of those seven goals. now, my boyfriend is a huge arsenal fan and with valentine’s day coming up, i thought this would be a fantastic gift. i shopped around for anything with the phrase on it, but came up empty-handed so i decided to create my own print. (yes, he’s that deserving.) i’m very happy with the result, and so was he!

please excuse the poor photo quality. i snapped this with my phone on my way out the door.

241: d. rose

this is for the oldest of my younger brothers. today is his birthday, and his favorite basketball team has been the chicago bulls since he learned how to smack talk.

227: fill in the blank

sometimes you can’t find the right words, so it’s best to just do it yourself.

224: you are here

i know it’s only january, but i’ve already started working on valentine’s day cards.

223: happy new year!

happy new year, everyone! i hope the holidays were good to you, and 2012 brings wonderful things.