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292: today i feel magnets

sometimes things will rattle around in my head for a long time before i make them tangible. kind of like these magnets.

this is just a first round, but look how cute they are! these magnets are laminated so you can write on them with dry erase markers. a wipe with a damp cloth cleans these right up so they’re always ready for whatever the day brings. currently there are six hairstyles to choose from, and the color possibilities are endless. so much fun!

286: don’t forget

i have a really good memory. i’m very good at remembering names and faces. i remember events and dates with accuracy by remembering a lot of details. so i’ve got the people and places down. about those pesky things… i almost left a load of laundry at the laundromat because i forgot about one of the dryers i was using. i forget where i’ve put my keys or sunglasses at least twice a day. and i cannot for the life of me go to the grocery store without forgetting to buy at least one thing on my mental list. maybe this will help.

271: rollin’ with my homies

the colors in this series are customizable. i’m going to test out some single color screen prints, and i’ll post the result here.

i’ve added the kitchen art tag to keep these nice and cosy and easy to find.

249: see ya later, alligator

this is part of a print set. (i’ll be posting some of the others later this week.) the “see ya later, alligator” lettering detail can be seen at the top.