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271: rollin’ with my homies

the colors in this series are customizable. i’m going to test out some single color screen prints, and i’ll post the result here.

i’ve added the kitchen art tag to keep these nice and cosy and easy to find.

270: macaroni & cheese

macaroni and cheese is my dish. i make it whenever my family gets together for a holiday; it’s my go-to potluck dish; sometimes it’s even the main course when i feel like some delicious comfort food. the secret to my macaroni and cheese is just a few basic ingredients.

a friend of mine is moving across the country in a few weeks, and my macaroni and cheese’s presence has been requested a minimum of two times before he leaves. mmm, i can’t wait!

269: sir mix-a-lot

this is part of a series i have started. i am very excited to post more of these as soon as i can get the ideas out of my head and onto the paper…. errr pen tool ;)

220: mmmmm, fudge

simple sticker labels for homemade fudge packages