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23: i love tetris

22: procrastination

12: embarrassment pt. 2

if you’ve ever met me, you probably know that one of my biggest fears is having food in my teeth. the thought of walking around with food in my teeth, talking and smiling at people, scares me to no end. just ugh.

another thing you have probably learned about me is that i like simple, clean lines and shapes. sometimes i like to get crazy, but i’ve noticed since starting this blog that a lot of stuff i do is very simple and basic. oh well.

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nine: TMNT

this could probably count as two pieces, but i combined them for this post.

three: zombies

i’m not particularly well-versed in zombie lore, but i’m confident with the right drive and decent aim, all of these weapons would yield success. true, an antique desk clock and vice may be hard to get your hands on, but that is where Zeus comes in.