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158: twpc finished

finished the train wreck pub crawl badges today. the back is a map of locations and stops. laminated to protect from beer spillage.

sorry for the crappy photos; they were taken on my phone.

152: train wreck pub crawl

by request: metro cards for 2011 Train Wreck Pub Crawl. attendees visit a list of bars along the train lines as part of a birthday celebration. cards are to be worn on lanyards around the neck.

141: the second deadliest animal of the sea

all you need to know about sea bears.

74: hopsplosion v1.0

two of my friends are collaborating on a very hoppy beer they’ve dubbed hopsplosion. i was recruited to do the artwork, and since i love, love, love hops (save capt’n krunkles), i was excited to work on this! after a few hours of messing around, i came up with this rough, rough preview. there is still a lot to be done, particularly with the bottom portion, i.e. making the stem less stem-y, more hops/less artichoke, more debris(!) and adding some more clouds and depth to the bottom. maybe going a bit more mushroom cloud, but i like the idea of hops “popping.” i’ll post the final version when it’s complete.