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288: you can do anything (sort of…)

today’s post is a quote by david allen (author of getting things done) that we can all take a lesson from. and by all of us, i mostly mean me. all things stephemera have been hectic lately, and sadly my blog was the one to suffer. but i am here to resume my regular posting schedule. thanks everyone for continuing to read. i can’t wait to show you what i have been working on! :)

update: summer!

tonight is the wedding of two wonderful friends. i’m so excited to celebrate and share this moment with them!

i will be taking a posting break for the next week because i will be in puerto rico. we still haven’t decided what our major excursion will be, and it’s really difficult to decide. everything sounds so awesome! bio bay, observatory, rainforest. hopefully i will be able to post some pictures to my twitter account.

happy summer everyone! see you when i get back from vacation.

252: inspiration

what inspires you?

242: we don’t need batman

okay, technically i didn’t make this today, but i couldn’t share it before…

a few weeks ago, i was with my brother watching arsenal crush blackburn 7-1 when the camera panned to a sign in the stands that read the above. in addition to being beautifully clever, the sign was so appropriate. Robin van Persie (arsenal captain) scored three (hat trick!) of those seven goals. now, my boyfriend is a huge arsenal fan and with valentine’s day coming up, i thought this would be a fantastic gift. i shopped around for anything with the phrase on it, but came up empty-handed so i decided to create my own print. (yes, he’s that deserving.) i’m very happy with the result, and so was he!

please excuse the poor photo quality. i snapped this with my phone on my way out the door.

225: january


happy new year, brazilian steakhouse, date nights, bridesmaid helping, baking, back to work, three-day weekend, cold weather, boots(!) ahhh, january. a new year, big steps, giant leaps, relishing in the last year and planning adventures for the next.

214: GLAM

hey, everyone! i hope you had an awesome holiday weekend. i have been busy with the holiday and preparing for the GLAM Indie Craft Show this upcoming weekend.
if you are in Gainesville, come out to G.L.A.M. this Sunday (December 4). They also have a facebook page over here.

admission is $3, and this year, you can get tickets in advance, so you don’t have to wait in line.

there will be lots of crafts, artists and treats! if you are still looking for original holiday gifts, this is the place to be. hope to see you there :)

210: happy birthday to me (sort of)

another birthday post…

stephemera.com turns one!

today is stephemera’s first birthday. it’s hard to believe i only started this blog a year ago. (!) it has been exciting, unpredictable, reaffirming, overwhelming, but overall absolutely wonderful. xoxo