292: today i feel magnets

sometimes things will rattle around in my head for a long time before i make them tangible. kind of like these magnets.

this is just a first round, but look how cute they are! these magnets are laminated so you can write on them with dry erase markers. a wipe with a damp cloth cleans these right up so they’re always ready for whatever the day brings. currently there are six hairstyles to choose from, and the color possibilities are endless. so much fun!


291: oak wedding invitations

perfect for a fall wedding

290: heartcrafted

Alternate version below the cut.
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289: all words

“All words are part true and part false.” – Master Khan

update: society 6!

Hey everyone! stephemera artwork is now available on society6.com and if you click this link, you can get FREE shipping through August 12, 2012! Don’t see your favorite up yet? Drop me a line at info@stephemera.com, and I will make it available for print.

288: you can do anything (sort of…)

today’s post is a quote by david allen (author of getting things done) that we can all take a lesson from. and by all of us, i mostly mean me. all things stephemera have been hectic lately, and sadly my blog was the one to suffer. but i am here to resume my regular posting schedule. thanks everyone for continuing to read. i can’t wait to show you what i have been working on! :)