update: vacation & artfest

i’m back from vacation! it was amazing. puerto rico is truly beautiful, and the coastline is simply gorgeous. we were mainly in the san juan area, but visited fajardo for a day. we wanted to go to the observatory in arecibo, but that will be on the next visit. we ate, swam, ate, laughed, ate, snorkeled, ate, toured, climbed, relaxed, played, loved and seriously ATE. it was lovely and the perfect vacation. hopefully i will have some photos to post of the coral reef we visited soon.

and man, a week is such a short amount of time. when you are on vacation and when you return and have just a week to prepare for art fest. eek! i’ve been busy so far this week getting things sorted for friday’s event. there will be some brand new art and old favorites, like the bitter mermaid in the previous post.
i’m really excited to show with a bunch of other amazing vendors. if you are in gainesville, i hope to see you friday!


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About stephemera

I drink too much unsweetened iced tea, sleep too little and laugh too loud, all while creating something new every day and trying to remember there is beauty in everything.

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