65: cracking a few eggs of wisdom

i’ve been kind of busy lately, so i’m pulling this from the realm of things-i-didn’t-do-today. i made this in november, inspired by an it’s always sunny scene.

(Charlie) Alright, look at this. Sometimes you’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.
(Dennis) You gotta crack a couple of eggs to make an omelet?
(Charlie) Yeah, you gotta crack an egg.
(Dennis) Oh is that your new thing? So you’re throwin’ down life lessons?
(Charlie) I’m throwin’ down eggs!
(Dennis) Class in session, the teachers teach class now!
(Charlie) I’m cracking a few eggs of wisdom!
(Dennis) Is that what you’re doing? Let me crack one more egg for you and throw it in the omelet!
(Charlie) You got an egg?



About stephemera

I drink too much unsweetened iced tea, sleep too little and laugh too loud, all while creating something new every day and trying to remember there is beauty in everything.

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